Financial Information


  • Increasing customer traffic
  • New Revenue
  • Low cost, high profit
  • Average R.O.I. 1,5 year
  • Business all year round
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Little maintenance required
  • For dogs of all shapes & sizes
  • No more Messy Bathroom!
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How stores are changing with the iClean Dog Wash

Increased customer traffic

The Dog Wash brings new customers to stores that have never been there before because you now provide a dog wash for customers to easily clean their dogs.

We surveyed 30 pet stores that have a Dog Wash, in which 2 were major chains, we found that 40% of their customers had never visited the store until a Dog Wash was installed, hard to believe?

We went into depth for the reasons why:

  • - Friends told friends how easy it was to use the dog wash at the store

  • - Customers are looking for an easier way to wash their pets

  • - Grooming becoming too expensive

  • - Converting people that would never wash their dog to regular dog washers.

Increased customer spend

With having a dog wash, more customers will regularly visit the store to wash their pets and this will result in a higher spend in the store as well as at the dog wash. In several cases the grooming products spend went up by 25% due to repositioning of products around the dog wash area.

New customer spend

The new customer spend is an added bonus, with 40% of these being new to the store it is an opportunity to retain them, so if a store has approx 1200 sales per week it is probable that the dog wash will have a customer base of at least 40 dogs per week, approx € 300,- turn over, out of these customers 16 have not been to the store until you offered this service, customers cycle between 3 and 5 weeks to wash, taking this into account you could have up to 100 new regular customers, convert this into other retail sales per year in store!


Water consumption: 8-12 liters per minute, 40-60 liters per wash. With a water price of € 2,00 per 1000 liter, the average total water cost will be € 0,10.

Energy cost: Maximum capacity is 2 kW (during drying), excluding water heater. If a water heater is chosen, the heater of also 2 kW will not switch on at the same time the dryer is being used at high volume. The dryer requires 1 kW at low volume, 2 kW at high volume. If the boiler switches on during low volume drying then the maximum power is 3 kW. At 230 V this requires 13 Amp (16 Amp normal fusing is standard).

Power consumption per Dog wash of 10 minutes with a kWh price of € 0,15 p/kWh, the total average energy cost will be € 0,05.

Chemical cost: Dosing pumps, maximum capacity: 6 ltr/hour = 100 ml/min.

Product Nett usage Price p/5 ltr Price p/min Wash length Price p/wash
Shampoo 19 ml/min € 25,20 € 0,10 3 min € 0,30
Flea shampoo 25 ml/min € 41,40 € 0,21 30 sec € 0,10
Conditioner 20 ml/min € 54,90 € 0,22 1 min 30 sec € 0,33
Disinfectant 15 ml/min € 44,10 € 0,13 30 sec € 0,06
Total: € 0,79


  • Water:          € 0,10
  • Energy:        € 0,05
  • Chemicals:  € 0,79
  • Total:            € 0,95   (excl. VAT)

The above is an estimate of average consumption per dog, every dog is different in size and coat type, also one dog is not as dirty as another and some owners are very precise while others are not, this makes it impossible to state the exact usage.


Return On Investment Calculation

Based on an average sales price of € 7,50 for 10 minutes and 30 dogs washed per week.

  • Sales margin per washed dog : € 7,50 -/- € 0,95 = € 6,55
  • Profit per week                          : 30 dogs x € 6,55 = € 196,50
  • Profit per year                            : 52 weeks x € 196,50 = € 10.218

ROI is less then 1,5 years!

Break Even Point Calculation

If you lease a dog wash for 72 months, this would cost you about € 240.00 per month (€ 60.00 per week). As written above, your sales margin per washed dog is € 6.55. This means if you wash 10 dogs in per week (1.3 dogs per day only!) your machine is paid for. Every second and more dogs per day is already profit.

BEP is only 1,3 dogs a day!