What does your company do?

iClean International is the producer of the iClean Dog Wash. iClean International is a part of iClean Carwash Technologies, Saarloos Automotive Equipment and Rowafil Manufacturing.

What are the activities of iClean Carwash Technologies?

iClean International produces, installs and services Carwash Equipment. For more information: www.iclean.nl

What dare the activities of Saarloos Automotive Equipment?

Saarloos Automotive Equipment installs and services Automotive Equipment. For more information: www.saarloos.com

What are the activities of Rowafil Manufacturing?

Rowafil Manufacturing produces, installs and services Water Reclaim Systems. For more information: www.rowafil.com

Where is your company located?

Our company is located in the Netherlands (Holland).

Where are the Dog Wash machines produced?

In our factory in the Netherlands (Holland).

Why is the iClean Dog Wash the most advanced Dog Wash in the world?

The iClean Dog Wash is an offspring of the original Dog Wash from Australia, of which hundreds are already operating worldwide. iClean International has improved and redesigned the original Dog Wash and updated it with Carwash quality components and an 11 inch touch-screen (iPad size) with all lot of extra functionality. The iClean Dog Wash was engineered and designed for durability and maximum customer experience. The iClean Dog Wash is built with the best components available. No concessions are made. 

Does the machine work on 230 Volt or 110 Volt ?

Both, we can build the machine to work on 230 Volt or 110 Volt.

How easy is it to clean the Dog Wash?

All of our dog washes are made from Aircraft quality stainless for easy cleaning. There is a triple filtration hair trap.

How many Dogs can be washed with a gallon of Shampoo?

Approximately 100 dogs can be washed per gallon of shampoo in any of the iClean Dog Wash models.

What shampoo and product selections are available to the user of the self serve dog wash?

Every dog wash is shipped with a starter kit that includes biological Shampoo, Conditioner, flea and tick shampoo and Disinfectant. There is also a rinse and blow dry cycle. The blow dry cycle features a two speed commercial grooming dryer.

Can I use my own dog shampoo and products or do I get those from you?

As long as your products are compatible with the pumps and lines, you are fine. We also supply a specially formulated product for the iClean Self Serve Dog Wash System.

How do I keep my dog in the dog wash?

There are chains on either side of the dog wash. Also, the sides are high enough that most small and average size dogs won't try to jump out.

Is there any assembly required for the iClean Dog Wash?

No, the iClean Dog Wash comes pre-configured and crated in one piece.

What payment options are available for the user of the dog wash?

All of our self-serve dog washes can be equiped with a coin validator, banknote reader and Nayax payment terminal (For mobile payment, chip/ regular credit cards and NFC cards). Each dog wash is configured to accommodate the currency of the country it is shipped to. They can also be programmed to accept tokens.

Does the machine work with Euro's or Dollars?

We will configure the Coin Validator and Banknote Reader to work with the currency of your country.

Is the text in the software available in my language? Do you also have the audio instructions available in my language?

At the moment we have the text and audio instructions in the following languages: Belgian, Dutch, English (Australia), English (Canada), English (Great Britain), English (New Zealand), English (USA), French, German, Arabic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. When you language is not available at the moment we put your language for you in our software and we will search for a professional voice actor to record your audio instructions.

What is the production time?

iClean Dog Wash 'Basic': 8-10 weeks

iClean Dog Wash 'Classic': 4-6 weeks

iClean Dog Wash 'XL': 8-10 weeks

iClean Dog Wash 'Futura': 8-10 weeks

iClean Dog Wash 'Cube': 8-10 weeks

What is the warranty period on the machine?

We give 1 year full warranty on our machines. Our machine is built from the best components in the market and we hardly ever have a technical problem. When the machine is connected to an internet connection we can tackle all possible software issues if they occur (Touchscreen models), but our system/ software is very stable. When there would be a problem with a component we will send the customer a new components via high priority air mail, which will be there with UPS in 2 working days. The components are very easy to change. If you are not technical at all you can hire an electrician and we will pay the invoice. If a real big problem occurs that can’t be fixed locally we will fly in to fix it for free. But like said our machine is built with the best components in the market.

What are the measurements of the various Dog Wash models? How much do they weigh?

The dimensions and weight of the iClean Dog Wash 'Basic':

Length 81.0” (205 cm) / Height 72.8” (185 cm) / Depth 68,1”(173 cm) with ramp / Weight 750 Pounds (340 Kg).

The dimensions and weight of the iClean Dog Wash 'Classic':

Length 81.0” (205 cm) / Height 72.8” (185 cm) / Depth 23.6” (60 cm) / Weight 750 Pounds (340 Kg).

The dimensions and weight of the iClean Dog Wash 'XL':

Length 93.5” ( 237,5 cm) / Height 78.7” (200 cm) / Depth 27.5 (70 cm)” / Weight 860 Pounds (390 Kg).

The dimensions and weight of the iClean Dog Wash 'Futura':

Length 101.6” (258,1 cm) / Height 86.6” (220 cm) / Depth 27.5 (70 cm)” Weight 968 Pounds (440 Kg).

The dimensions and weight of the iClean Dog Wash 'Cube':

Length 101.6” (258,1 cm) / Height 86.6” (220 cm) / Depth 27.5 (70 cm)” Weight 968 Pounds (440 Kg).

Can the iClean Dog Wash be installed outside?

When the iClean Dog Wash is installed outside in countries with harsh winter conditions, we will insulate the technical cabinet and install a spiral heater to keep the system above freezing point.

What’s required to install the iClean Dog Wash?

All that is required to install our self serve dog wash is to bring the water and electricity to the dog wash, and connect the Dog Wash to the sewer. You find the required items in the installation package.

What’s water pressure is required and which connections?

Water pressure: 2,5 bar

Water in, 20 mm connection,

Water out/ drain, 40 mm connection.

How much water does the machine use per wash?

Water usage per wash 8-13 Gallon (30-50 liter).

How does the iClean Dog Wash work?

The iClean Dog Wash is designed to be familiar to the user, along the lines of a self serve car wash. Once you insert payment, the timer allows you to use the time you've paid for in any way that you choose. You can switch back and forth from the selections or spend all of your time on one, the choice is yours. All the products are infused into the water stream, allowing for most dogs to be washed in a matter of a few minutes.